How Technology Can Help Fight Climate Change

Climate change is a major issue that the world is facing. The good news is that there are ways that we can address the problem. In large part it is going to be up to new technology that has been developed over the last few years to fight climate change, or at least to reduce the impact.

The most obvious way that technology can help fight climate change is by creating new ways of generating energy that produce less pollution. It is well established that the way that we currently get our energy, mainly hydrocarbons is not something that we can continue to do for years to come; it will have too big an impact on the environment. The good news is that there are a lot of different ways that we can generate energy that are much cleaner. According to energy expert Daniel Yergin this is the best way to address the problem of climate change in the future.

Wind EnergyAnother way that technology can help fight climate change is by reducing the amount of energy that we use. One of the top areas of research right now is in creating new technologies that are more energy efficient than the ones that we currently use. This work is being done on everything from cars to consumer electronics although it will likely be industrial equipment where we see the biggest impact. Reducing the amount of fuel that we use will reduce the greenhouse gasses that are released and help to fight climate change.

Another area where technology can help with climate change is by finding ways to clean up the mess. This approach is somewhat more controversial than some of the others. While nobody disputes the idea that finding ways to get rid of the greenhouse gasses that we have released into the atmosphere is a good idea the idea that we may actually try to reverse the damage is more questionable. The reality is that nobody knows what the consequences will be so we have to tread very carefully if we go down this road. Nevertheless the technology to do it does exist.

Clearly technology can play a major role in fighting climate change. In order to take advantage of this however we need to have an actual plan in place for using. Currently the technology is being developed in a haphazard way and in a lot of cases it is not being implemented simply because there is no incentive to do so and it would increase costs if we did. Additionally there are now so many competing technologies that nobody wants to invest in any of them for fear that they will choose the wrong one. In order to get around this problem decisions about the future direction we are going to take have to be made.