Technologies we have today that we never thought would be possible

Indeed, the debate still rages whether technology is a good thing or a bad thing for people. On one side, everyday people say that technological advancements caused them to lose their jobs. On the other side, experts say that technology made jobs safer. But regardless of which side you position yourself, the truth is that there are many technologies we have today that we never thought would be possible. Just think about landing on the moon, and you realize just how far we have come in the last century. It wasn't that long ago people believed the world was flat, and now we regularly send spacecraft up into the atmosphere. Star Trek seemed so absurd and unrealistic when it first aired on television. Now, looking back at some of those corny episodes, many things seem so modern day and completely normal.

Further, medicine and science have advanced by leaps and bounds. Think about doctors who train via satellite. Actual operations have been completed because of satellite and remote technologies. Doctors in one country who have never performed a particular surgery have been able to do emergency operations because other doctors in foreign countries have guided them through the processes. It was as if the foreign doctors were in the operating rooms, too. Even scientific studies have improved dramatically from the use of technology. Diseases that were once thought to be incurable have been eradicated. And curiously, early day X-ray machines were thought to be gimmicks. Moreover, the use of technology has enabled drug manufacturers to research and create live-saving medicines. Without question, so many lives have been saved from advancements in medical technology.

While there are many more technological advances that we could discuss, the focus of this dissertation will be on five main items that people use everyday. Despite their popularity and familiarity in this day and age, the inventions are nonetheless remarkable, as we never thought they would be possible.

Technology #1 - Electricity

ElectricityPower or current in the form of electricity is probably one of the most amazing and influential inventions or discoveries of all. Most likely without it, many of the other most important technological advancements would not have happened so quickly. True, other means of current might have been found, but, the fact that people could work around the clock with constant light was incredible. It completely changed how people lived and worked. Undoubtedly, electricity is one of the main reasons today's world is so fast paced and demanding.

Technology #2 - Automobiles

AutomobilesWhen Henry Ford started the mass production of cars geared toward families, and priced so that the working man could afford them, many said that the automobile was a novelty, that nothing could replace the horse for transportation. Little did they understand where the world was going. Not only did people embrace cars, but nowadays, most families have more than one vehicle parked in their driveways. The car revolutionized how people interacted, and in reality, helped to build the country. Cars made it easier to travel, allowing people to move around, unhampered by location. And now when you think of all the features of a car that used to be options, you really see how far the car industry has come. Lastly, technology has helped to create cleaner burning cars. Research, with the use of technology, has permitted manufacturers to find alternative fuels and improved ways of powering vehicles.

Technology #3 - Personal Computer

Personal ComputerThe story of the computer is not really surprising in itself. Large main frame computer systems have been housed and used in conglomerates for a long time now. And there was nothing really spectacular about that. The average person expected companies with deep pockets to develop and even purchase revolutionary machinery or equipment. But what was truly amazing was when computers were made for households. No-one expected that personal computers would be needed by individuals, would be small enough to carry around, and would be cheap enough for everyone to afford. Even in the early days of personal computers, the manufacturers never expected PCs to perform like they do today. This market evolved so quickly that when we look back on its beginnings, it seems like an impossible feat.

Technology #4 - Cellular Telephone

Cellular TelephoneThe idea of a cell phone was much like personal computers. Big companies had the means to outfit cars with large telephone systems, but the original phones were never meant for everyday use by the public-at-large. In fact, when cell phones emerged, they were not only cumbersome, but they were cost prohibitive for most. You knew if a car had one installed because of the special equipment, but these cars were usually owned by doctors who were on call at the hospital. They were important people who had to be available when needed. But, like other technologies as demand grows, the items become smaller and less expensive. And the cell phone of today is not considered an emergency device like before. It is an entertainment system, and for some, a lifeline to their daily existence. While most people started out carrying cell phones strictly for emergencies, now the phones do so much more than dial 911 or the AAA for roadside assistance. Now, you can do almost anything you do on a personal computer. You keep your day timer, list of contacts, your favorite shopping websites, and you might even watch television programs right on your cell phone.

Technology #5 - Antibiotics

AntibioticsIn terms of medicine, the single most important step in research was the discovery that penicillin killed harmful bacteria. Prior to the use of antibiotics, people died from the simplest of wounds. A small cut was a life threatening ordeal before penicillin was made into a form that could be used successfully to treat infection. Although penicillin is a particular type of mold, today it is produced synthetically, and is used to treat many illnesses which originate from a specific bacteria.

The story of technological development is long and involved. Take a look around your home, and you will see many truly marvelous feats of technological prowess. Think about everything we do today and it is easy to find numerous examples of technologies we have today that we never thought would be possible.

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